Monday 15 April 2013

Second Workshop - Hallwylska Palatset and Public Space

The second workshop of Temporality and Dis-Location of Self is going to be held at Hallwylska Palatset, a former private mansion from 1898. It was built as a winter residence for the family von Hallwyl, and was turned into a museum by its previous owner countess Wilhelmina, a somewhat manic collector of art and items. Apart from being a rather awesome space in itself, the palace is really interesting as a super-early exploration of the threshold between private and public as well as the notion of documentation/notation as practice.

Thursday April 18, we will look into the place, and do a session led by Per Hüttner and Sandrine Nicoletta. Friday we will go for an excursion guided by Rita Nettelstad where we will look at public spaces in Stockholm.

David Wilson, Hito Steyerl, Donald Judd and Frank Stella will all appear on our mutual derive.