Sunday 8 September 2013

Fourth Meeting in the Archipelago

Anders very generously invited the group for a second workshop at his amazing summer house and the fourth and final workshop in the series. We had a wonderful time with great food, splendid swimming and extremely fruitful discussions. The texts for the publication are developing in an interesting way and we are more than confident that it is going to be a strong publication.

So keep your eyes on this blog and on our publications page about developments.

Friday 7 June 2013

 We will meet 9.00 AM at the subway station of Tekniska Högskolan, the northern exit. From there we go by car. I have blankets, but you need to bring sheets (or sleeping bags).
Since the trip itself, including getting installed, make food etc, takes some time, I was thinking that we might focus on the working groups we defined last time. Maybe that we have some time to work within the groups, and then have a couple of sessions where we discuss that collectively with everyone to compare experience, topics and methods. I also think it would be good if we can start discussing the publication; possible formats, editing process etcetera. 

Monday 15 April 2013

Second Workshop - Hallwylska Palatset and Public Space

The second workshop of Temporality and Dis-Location of Self is going to be held at Hallwylska Palatset, a former private mansion from 1898. It was built as a winter residence for the family von Hallwyl, and was turned into a museum by its previous owner countess Wilhelmina, a somewhat manic collector of art and items. Apart from being a rather awesome space in itself, the palace is really interesting as a super-early exploration of the threshold between private and public as well as the notion of documentation/notation as practice.

Thursday April 18, we will look into the place, and do a session led by Per Hüttner and Sandrine Nicoletta. Friday we will go for an excursion guided by Rita Nettelstad where we will look at public spaces in Stockholm.

David Wilson, Hito Steyerl, Donald Judd and Frank Stella will all appear on our mutual derive.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

New Vision Forum Node - Temporality and Dis-Location of Self

Temporality and Dis-Location of Self  is an artistic research project, merging individual research and collective reflection. The project will be focused around a series of workshops and the results will be made public through a continuously updated blog and culminate in a publication that will be released in early 2014.

The working method is primarily theoretical and individual, but will also include series of encounters between creators working with different approaches and strategies in how to examine relations between narration, space-time and subjectivation processes. The participants are both Swedish and international and work in an experimental field between visual and performing arts. The objective of the project is to use collective reflection and exchange as a method for the participants to further their practice by developing individual traits and shared interests.

In a continuous oscillation between the practices of visual and performing arts, experience and perspectives from the respective fields will collaboratively dwell on a number of notions: Narration, Interpretation, Audience, Object, Participation, Understanding, Medium Specificity, Site, Time, Collectivity, Perception, Presentation, Production and particularly how these interact and how the arts can offer tools for its audience to create a more meaningful everyday existence and relationship to their surrounding world.

In the period March - December 2013, the participants will meet on 3-4 occasions for intensive 2-day sessions of work and exchange. This will include one preparatory workshop to define the project in greater detail. The research will be developed by the individual participants by defining strategies how to transform their practical experiences, knowledge and methods in relation to the other participants and in practice and writing. Thereby, gradually a sort of autonomous academic view on our own practice, mirroring the subjectivity; co-creating difference and knowledge.

The publication will offer an import tool both in a Nordic and European context to raise awareness and further knowledge co-production in a field between visual art and performing art which is developing rapidly. It will also document important interdisciplinary experience that has been undertaken within the European artistic field. The project forms a part of Vision Forums ongoing research into the boundaries of visual art and similar genres and we hope that the project will lead to further collaboration with other Vision Forum research.

Participants include: Anders Paulin, Aino Korvensyrjä, Sandrine Nicoletta, Stefan Åkesson, Tor Lindstrand, Rita Nettelstad, Johan Forsman, Tova Gerge, Iggy Malmborg and Per Hüttner.